If I could name one positive side effect of corona-lockdown and social distancing, it was that my friends at the other side of the world suddenly felt just as nearby as my friends in Amsterdam. Reconnecting with my Mexican soulmates I asked some of them to play along on my latest song Wholeheartedly, while every one recorded their part in their home studio.

It was a real pleasure to work online with my dreamteam from across the Atlantic: Eliud Ernandes, Lizeth Ruvalcaba, Oscar Galoz, Violoncheloops and Midi Pipe. Luckily my usually-always-on-tour-kick-ass-drummer-cousin Boris Manintveld could join as well. And last but not least: A big thank you to Stan Djers for co-producing/mixing the track and making this awesome video!

You can liste to the song on Spotify, but also please consider buying the song on Bandcamp as well. All bandcamp proceeds will be donated to the Shell climate case, which aims to force Shell to reduce its CO2 emissions as quickly as possible.

Although we are facing a massive economic crisis now because of COVID-19, I think we should be careful not to let this overshadow the even more serious and destructive crises that are ahead of us: Climate change and the loss of biodiversity. I wrote Wholeheartedly with that thought in mind.