Making meaningful connections in Mexico

When I knew I was going to the México Y2K18 International Live Looping Festival, I thought I would make cool vlogs of my travels and musical endeavours, like I did in California. But after a couple of days, I realised that this was not going to happen. One of the reasons was that I was not … [Lees verder…]

Why mood playlists will eventually numb your feelings

“Chill playlists are the purest distillation of Spotify’s ambition to turn all music into emotional wallpaper”, according to Liz Pelly in The Baffler. Lately there has been some critical writing about Spotify. About the stock music (or so called fake artists) on the platform, which dominate mood playlists, and the rising phenomenon of playlists itself. … [Lees verder…]

Bay Area Mini vlog #4 What’s looping?

I’m at the y2k17 Loopfest in Santa Cruz, CA. Featuring performances of CIAN, Entertainment for the Braindead, Rick Walker, Bill Walker, MANDOMAN, Thisissami, ANI, MIDI_pipe, John Connell, StRiCtLy ALBeRt, Andy Graham, Martin Janicek and Philippe Olliver.

Bay Area Mini Vlog #2: Women in music

I organised to play a show in Oakland, together with local artists. It turned out to be a night with five women taking the stage. Musical girl power!

Free your mind, and your voice will follow

Free your mind

Ah, the joy of singing! So many people love to sing, but a great deal of them has all kinds of hang-ups about their voice or singing in public. Why is that? Well, your voice, emanating from your own body, is a blueprint of who you are. Making music with it means showing a very … [Lees verder…]