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Watch the video of my book launch party

How can I convey what my book VOICE is about, and why I wrote it? For the book launch at Hannah’s Amsterdam, I asked fellow voice coach and performer Margo van de Linde to interview me. Margo has also worked on the publication as a proofreader, and I couldn’t have wished for a better introduction […]

Coming soon: my book VOICE

VOICE Laura Stavinoha

VOICE mentors the self-examination of your voice and the related emotional processes. Once you get to know yourself, become increasingly self-aware and acknowledge your vulnerabilities as well as your talents, your voice and your message will become more powerful. As a result, you will build self-confidence, express yourself better and be heard. Do you experience […]

Making music together during lockdown

Laura Stavinoha & The Atlantic Assembly - Wholeheartedly

If I could name one positive side effect of corona-lockdown and social distancing, it was that my friends at the other side of the world suddenly felt just as nearby as my friends in Amsterdam. Reconnecting with my Mexican soulmates I asked some of them to play along on my latest song Wholeheartedly, while every […]

Twinterview podcast met Laura Stavinoha


Ik voel me vereerd om de eerste gast te mogen zijn in de nieuwe podcastserie ‘Twinterview’ van de tweeling Suzanne Bindels en Elles Bindels! Ze nodigden me uit om te vertellen over wat mij zoal bezig houdt op het gebied van persoonlijke ontwikkeling: de psychologie van de stem, muziek, verbinding, creativiteit, positieve desintegratie en ACT. […]

Just Be Good To Me: reissued

Maybe you remember the acoustic piano version I made of Just Be Good To Me, the S.OS. Band dancefloor classic from te eighties? This song has been part of me for a long time. I think it was the first cover song I ever played in my solo-sets when I just started performing in front […]

Duo-looping, live in Mexico Stad

Vorige maand was ik in Mexico Stad, om daar mijn nieuwste EP Merge te presenteren. Waarom nou helemaal daar? Voor deze plaat heb ik samengewerkt met Mexicaanse artiesten. En ik wilde deze keer niet solo optreden, maar juist ook met anderen. Maar dan wél live loopen. Live looping, is dat niet juist iets wat je […]

New EP out on 10 January 2019: Merge

These three songs landed in my consciousness between 2011 and 2013. Back then, I didn’t have the skills yet to record and arrange them exactly as I heared them in my head. So like a special bottle of reserva wine, I put them on the shelf for a couple of years to let them ripen […]

About my own voice | reviewing the development

Quite often I talk to people who think that you are either born with an amazing voice or talent for singing, or not at all. And if you’re not lucky enough to be the owner of such a voice, well, too bad for you then. I think this is a huge misunderstanding. Perhaps there are […]

Over mijn eigen stem | een terugblik naar het groeiproces

Ik spreek geregeld mensen die denken dat je nou eenmaal geboren wordt met een dijk van een stem of talent voor zingen, of helemaal niet. En dat als zo’n stem je niet gegeven is, dat het dan wel nooit iets zal worden. In mijn ogen is dit een groot misverstand. Misschien zijn er wel zangers […]

The driving force behind what I make

“What kind of music do you make?” While socialising at parties, I quietly wish sometimes that I don’t have to answer that question. My elevator pitch is hopeless. Because where do I start? It would be really nice if I could just say that I work with one style, one instrument, one band or ensemble. […]