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Not any two human voices are alike: timbre, tone colour, pitch, melody and pronunciation vary amongst everyone. This is exactly why your voice is not just a carrier for words, but also a powerful, personal and creative means to connect and make music. I incorporate this conviction in my work as a voice and speech coach. Learn more about my trainings and workshops at

Find your voice and make it heard!

24 June | 2 till 5 PM | Amsterdam west | investment: € 70,- (students: € 60,-)

Breathing and speaking: luckily this happens mostly unconsciously, without you having to focus while doing so. But have you ever experienced that you become breathless or that your voice sounds differently, for instance during a presentation or job interview? Or maybe you feel like you’re not always being heard?

Hów you say things, is at least as important as whát you’re saying. Sign up for this workshop and:

  • Boost your self-confidence by working on your voice
  • Become aware of your vocal habits and how you present yourself
  • Experience how posture, thoughts and emotions affect your voice and presentation
  • Learn how breathing and voice techniques contribute to your expresiveness

There is a maximum of 4 participants, and therefore plenty of attention for every individual case. Are you interested in exploring the possibilities of your voice? Sign up before 16 June: laura[at]

“Laura facilitates the process very kindly and professionally, without losing sight of the individual cause. You are able to understand and learn a lot in relatively short time. After participating, you’ll have practical exercises and guidelines to get things going. Laura is clear and to-the-point, with a great sense of humour.” (Annemare, performer)

“I am very excited about this workshop! Laura is very precise in explaining things and giving feedback. She creates a warm atmosphere where all (4) participants are able to work on their voice and breathing individually. Spending your afternoon here is useful ánd entertaining!” (Roos, data analyst)